At Loving Choice, we realize that each woman who comes to us will have different circumstances, questions, and needs. When you visit the center, you will have an opportunity to share with a Loving Choice volunteer.  Then you may take advantage of one or more of our services below. They will not cost you anything, and they are completely confidential. We are prepared to stand with you however we can. 

Si prefieres reunirte con una consejera que hable en español, puedes preguntar cuando
programes tu cita.


Upon arrival at Loving Choice you will be joined by a volunteer advocate for an initial interview.  Her goal is to listen to you and hear your story, your fears, your concerns, and your goals.  She wants to help you reach a healthy and safe decision about your pregnancy.  She will be your main contact and advocate throughout. She can help you in many ways, so just ask for help if you need it. If you prefer to meet with a Spanish speaking advocate, just ask when you set up your appointment. 

Confidential Pregnancy Testing

After meeting with an advocate, you may receive a confidential, medical-grade pregnancy test at no cost to you.  Results are certified by a doctor.  If you need Medicaid Insurance, you will need the verified test to apply.  We can help you.

Come during walk-in hours or set an appointment for assistance.

Abortion Information

Unplanned pregnancies can be filled with a lot of uncertainty and fear. Contact us if you are considering an abortion. Our staff is here to answer your abortion questions and discuss abortion procedures so that you know what steps to take before that decision is made. 

There are important questions you will need to ask of the clinic offering to perform the abortion.  Number one, “How much does an abortion cost?” There is no such thing as a free abortion, so cost is a factor.  Your health is very important, so making sure the doctor performing the abortion has access to a medical facility in case of an emergency is vital.

Your advocate can answer all your questions. She wants to help you make an informed, healthy decision. She will also provide you with alternative options to abortion for your consideration.


Loving Choice offers classes for expecting mothers at no cost to those mothers. Classes cover anything from nutrition and pregnancy health to money management. Ask your Advocate for a full list of classes offered.

For every hour you take to learn new skills, you earn points to buy items from our beautiful baby store, which includes clothes, diapers, toys, and much more.  The more you learn the more you earn – all at no cost to you!


Loving Choice offers ultrasound services at no cost to qualifying individuals by trained sonographers at our center. If you are confirmed to be pregnant, an ultrasound can determine if you have a viable pregnancy and approximately how many weeks into your pregnancy you are.  Your Loving Choice advocate will then work with you to research healthy options based on your situation and concerns.


Your Loving Choice advocate will talk with you to learn your needs and provide you with a list of resources for those needs. These resources may include doctors, counselors, government assistance programs, and/or adoption programs.

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