Below is a list of classes offered at Loving Choice. Classes are available to all clients at no cost, though all may not apply to you. Your Loving Choice advocate will assist you in signing up for classes. Classes are offered at no cost to you.

LessonClassSuggested Time Frame
0Getting AcquaintedFirst meeting
1.1Pregnancy – The First TrimesterEarly in first trimester
1.2Prenatal CareBefore first doctor’s visit
1.3Eating for TwoDuring first trimester
1.4Your Ultrasound AppointmentBefore first ultrasound
1.5Your Developing BabyAnytime during pregnancy
2.1 The Second TrimesterEarly in Second trimester
2.2Emotions of PregnancyEarly in pregnancy
2.3What’s Safe in PregnancyEarly in pregnancy
2.4Bonding with Your Unborn BabyEarly in second trimester
2.5Your Changing BodyFirst trimester or early in second
3.1The Third TrimesterThird trimester
3.2Understanding Your Baby’s CryThird trimester or early infancy
3.3Your Unborn Baby’s Secret WorldAfter lesson 2.4
3.4Big Belly Mom HacksFirst trimester
3.5Understanding Your Baby’s Cry, Part 2Third trimester or early infancy
4.1Getting Ready NestingThird trimester
4.2Getting ReadyThird trimester
4.3Eye Contact Means LoveThird trimester or infancy
4.4Infant TemperamentThird trimester or infancy
4.5Importance of BondingThird trimester or early infancy
5.1Infant ExpectationsLate third trimester or soon after birth
5.2Infant HygieneLate third trimester or soon after birth
5.3Simple Infant CareLate third trimester or soon after birth
5.4Caring for Yourself After BirthLate third trimester
5.5PostpartumSoon after birth
6.1Going It AloneEarly as possible in pregnancy
6.2At Risk PregnanciesIf client has trouble in pregnancy
6.3Smoking/Drinking/Drugs and PregnancyDuring pregnancy
6.4Shaken Baby SyndromeAnytime before or after birth
6.5When You Have to DecideDuring pregnancy
7.1Mommy WorkAfter birth
7.2Being a SupermomAfter birth
7.3Car Seat SafetyThird trimester or after birth
7.4Mommy NutritionThird trimester
7.5Preventing Child Sexual AbuseAnytime after birth for any age children
8.1Childhood ImmunizationsLate third trimester
8.2SIDSBefore birth
8.3Newborn SicknessAfter birth until 1 year old
8.4Infant CPREarly infancy
8.5Shaken Baby SyndromeAfter birth until 3 years old
9.1Infant NutritionLate pregnancy or early infancy
9.2Baby on the MoveWhen baby starts crawling
9.3Getting Your Baby to SleepAfter birth until 1 year old
9.4Happiest Baby on the BlockLate pregnancy or early infancy
9.5Quality ChildcareAfter birth and for other other children
10.1Goals and Benefits of BreastfeedingLate third trimester or after birth
10.2Techniques and a Good LatchLate third trimester or after birth
10.3Getting Enough MilkLate third trimester or after birth
10.4Growth Spurts and EssentialsLate third trimester or after birth
10.5Returning to WorkLate third trimester or after birth
11.1Intro and OptionsBefore birth
11.2Interventions and LaborBefore birth
11.3Moving through LaborBefore birth
11.4What to ExpectBefore birth
11.5Infant CareBefore birth
12.1Intro to Developmental MilestonesBefore birth
12.2Newborn MilestonesBefore birth
12.33-6 Month MilestonesAfter birth before 3 months
12.46-9 Month MilestonesAfter birth before 6 months
12.512 Month MilestonesAfter before 12 months

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